1 email for records with same email address

I have a table with an automation to send out an email when a record is updated. Is there a way to send only 1 email to the records updated that contain the same email address, instead of ex. 6 emails?
The client has a family of kittens that are all due at the same day for a vaccine. Is there a way that the foster can get 1 email for the whole group?

Hi @Heather_K
Can you explain a little more about how you have the tables set up?

Its one table that has a foster email field. I have it setup to automatically send an email when I click on a checkbox. The problem is that if it’s a litter with multiple animals that are due for vaccines at the same day the automation triggers each time the box is click in that litter and the foster gets 6 of the same emails.

You should create a People table so you don’t need to store their information for every animal. Then, relate both tables with a Linked Record field.

Add a Lookup field in People to get Animals, filtering them to just those that needs vaccine. The automation would work on People instead of Animals, and you’d add the animals that need vaccine (from the Lookup field) from the field to the email.


ok thanks so much. I think I got it. Im trying to also add a date field in the peoples tab that is pulled from the animals tab with the lookup function but when i test out the email automation its not pulling that date.

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I set up a lookup that pulls the date from the linked records. Is there a way I can set it up to add just 1 date instead of the date of all the linked records? The date is always going to be the same for all linked records.

Use a rollup field instead of a lookup field. Use the formula MAX(values)

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OMG you are genius! Thank you sooooo much.

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