1:m relation conformance / implementation


I was trying to implement effectively 1:m relation but cannot find the real way to complete it.

To focus on the issue let’s say I have two tables
ProjectName - single line text, primary field
Tasks - Link to table Task, multiple allowed

TaskShortDescription - single line text, primary field
Project - link to table Project, multiple not allowed

The use case:
When creating a new project I want to attach only the tasks that are not assigned to any other project.

The fact:
When in Task table grid view I can add reference to a single Project - OK.
When in Project I can add an association with any record from the Task table, and when back to Task table I can see that some tasks have association with multiple projects, which means the restriction (multiple refs not allowed) is not observed.

I have also tried another approach: created a View with filter Project is empty applied for the Task table.
Using this particular view when adding tasks from Project context would do the job, but I didn’t find a way to restrict the record selection widget to the particular view.

Did I miss anything? Can you, please, help me out?