100 000 rows reached (very soon) ! :(

Hi Community !

We have a database that count 80 000 records… and counting… (We are limited to 100 000)

Could someone hep me on a way to split my database ?

For example… I tried to host “cities” table in an other base and sync this one… but if I sync all the rows in my main base, that does’nt make any change ! Sync row are counted in my main database.

Any clue, anybody ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Alex_Guillaume, and welcome to the community!

The way I do it typically falls into three dimensions of record optimization.

  1. Identify transaction records that can live inside records as JSON objects.
  2. If #1 fails to provide relief, identify records that can live elsewhere (such as Firebase) and page into and out of the operation tables of the base.
  3. If #1 and #2 fail to provide relief, identify records that should be designated “at rest” and design a methodology/process to revive them if/when needed in Airtable.

Thanks a lot Bill for your answer. I’ll discuss that with my team. Thanks a lot !

This post provides some additional details concerning #1 -

Love it.
We will find a solution for sure thanks to you. :slight_smile:

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