16 week run/bike challenge leaderboard

Looking for help on the best way to set this up:

My company is running a 16-week run/bike challenge and we are using airtable to track everybody’s totals. This is the information we’re going to track:

  • Participant Name
  • Office Location
  • Run Distance (by week)
  • Run Time (by week)
  • Bike Distance (by week)
  • Bike Time (by week)
  • Total Run/Bike Distance (by week)
  • Total Run/Bike Time (by week)
  • Overall Run/Bike Distance (running total of each week)
  • Overall Run/Bike Time(running total of each week)

The eventual views we want participants to see is a weekly leaderboard (grouped by Week 1, Week 2, etc.) and an overall leaderboard (showing the running totals).

So, what’s the best way to organize this so that i can track the weekly data and then feed that into the overall running totals?

I think it would work to have a Participant table and a Week Entry table (whatever you want to call them)

Week Entry

Field Type
Participant Link to Participant table
Run Distance Number
Run Time Duration
Bike Distance Number
Bike Time Duration
Total Run/Bike Distance Formula: {Run Distance} + {Bike Distance}
Total Run/Bike Time Formula: {Run Time} + {Bike Time}


Field Type
Name Text
Office Location multiple choice
Overall Run/Bike Distance Rollup of Run/Bike Distance from Week Entry table
Overall Run/Bike Time Rollup of Run/Bike Time from Week Entry table

Then you can just have different views grouped by week on the Week Entry table and sorted by either total Distance or Time. The Participant table can be sorted by Time. Z-A in all cases. You could even get creative with formulas and add Average Running Pace, etc.

Thank you! I think that worked! You’ve saved me a lot of aggravation.

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