1st Linked Record, 2nd Linked Record ,.... Calculation Formula

Hello Everyone,

I am submitting our Content for an award competetion, so submissions fees differ.
1st Submission is : 400 2nd Submission and up are: 210 Each

another competition
1st submission is: 400$
2nd Submission is: 120$
3rd and up is: 60$ each
How can I create a formula read the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on and add the right fees amount through a formula? or a rollup? Some help is needed here Guys, appreciate your time.

Thanks, A lot

Hi @Ahmed_Elagami,

Adam from Airtable here.

I made a short video for you here: Screen Recording 2021-05-06...

Additionally, here’s a link to the formula field reference support article as well as the formula I used:

IF({Count submissions}=1, 
  IF({Count submissions}=2,
    IF({Count submissions}>=3,
    520+(60*({Count submissions}-2))

Hope that helps you gather some ideas~~


Thanks, A lot @Adam_Minich, That exactly what I was looking for, Appreciate you took the time and record something for me, I was not thinking at all about the Linked records count, which indicates what to expect from a well-set formula, I will give it a try, I think it will work. Thanks again mate

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Happy to help! Have a fantastic day. :slight_smile: