3 different views, but they all change when I edit one in the lookup field

Thought this was a no brainer, create 3 different views & lock them down. Example: 3 different yearbooks, one of three views applies to each yearbook. However, when I edit one it affects all of the views. Need to show only student pages that are related to each yearbook. In the lookup field, I pick a field to filter by and it works for one yearbook. But when I edit a second view (second yearbook) it changes the first view (first yearbook) to reflect the second view.

Views always show you the same records (but in different ways). Sounds like you need to create more records, not more views.

I discuss this in the “Working with Views” chapter of my Learning Airtable course:

hey ScottWorld, I understand that views just massage the same records. All the records are created, just need to see them in a different way.

The way to do this would be to change your filters on each view, so you have a completely different filter applied to each view.

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