A/B testing Form views?

Hi there,

I have two different forms feeding the same table. I am trying to teach my students about A/B testing to figure out which is more effective. I can’t find a field that gets passed indicating which form the information comes in from. Does that exist, or is there a quick workaround?


Off the top of my head, here is a nice discrete method you can use to achieve this:

Take any of the questions on the form, preferably one that is not a special field type, and create two fields for this on the backend. In my example we’ll call it Field A and Field B. On your first form, put in Field A and rename it so it just says Field (this makes your method discrete to the form-fillers). On the second form, put in Field B and rename accordingly. Finally, make a third field, which will be used as the actual data field, and name it “Field”. This will be a formula field with the equation “{Field A} & {Field B}”. Since only one of these backend fields will ever be filled out, “Field” will always show the result entered into the form, and is therefore the “real” field.

Then you just add another formula field that says "If({Field A} != Blank(), “Form A”, “Form B”) and that field will indicate whether the form used was A or B!

Note: If the question you choose is a number result, you’ll want to use the less lazy formula of “If({Field A} != Blank(), {Field A}, {Field B})” for the data field, as this will retain its usability as a number rather than a string for things like filters and equations.


Here are two other options. Both involve having a single select field that indicates which form was used.

Option 1: use two automations with the “when form submitted” trigger, one for each form. Have the automations update the single select field to indicate the form used.

Option 2: Include the single select field on the form, but on each form limit the possible choice to the one for that form. Also make the field required, and prefill it’s value.


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