A dashboard across all bases

It would be essential to me to be able to create a dashboard with a search that would then pull in rose from all of my bases across all of my bases. this is preventing me from setting up most of the applications I want to use including a complex task management system that I use in wrike.

A dashboard to pull rose from across all bases or even across tables within a base would be excellent and might allow me to adopt airtable.

@Jason_Thayer1 - welcome to the community.

Recommend your first stop should be Stacker. You might also enjoy this read.


I couldn’t get a really good feel for stacker so I’ll have to check out that page more.

Airborne sounds like they’ve covered every single thing I was thinking in my head. Plus it looks a little bit like the blocks that are already in play in airtable.

Thank you for the very helpful reply!

Yes, but this is not a difficult conclusion to come to, right? After all, findability is something we all expect and a concept we’re intimately familiar with thanks to Google. But the lack of the features and ideas expressed in the Airborne paper is the part that should concern anyone preparing to board the Airtable train if – and only if – those requirements are tantamount to your project.

While Airborne represents a comprehensive requirements vision for discovery, Stacker (formerly AirPortal) is actually a product you can sign on to experience today. It provides a way to abstract users away from the constraints of the Airtable UI and explore ways to advance Airtable in a more customisable environment. Sign up and get a demo and feel free to post some direct question to @Sam_Davyson.

No it’s really not. I 100% agree with you. I stop using my air table installation a long time ago and I’m surprised that this is still an issue.

@Jason_Thayer1 Definitely do give Stacker a try. We don’t current support more than one base in a portal, but it is something we are considering. Let me know if you need any help getting going. And thank you again @Bill.French for recommending us :slight_smile: