A dropdown in forms doesn't have needed option


I am using a form for new individuals wishing to be added to our project. One of the fields is a dropdown choice that does not have all of the possible options available yet. Is there a way that the person can either add an option to the field or ask to have one added?


Unfortunately Airtable forms don’t have that kind of flexibility. Part of me feels it would be a useful feature, but letting any user add a choice to a Single- or Multi-Select field from the form level opens a potential can of worms.

I feel it would be preferable to add a text-entry field adjacent to the drop-down with a label like “Don’t see what you want in the list above? Add your preference/request here:”. That allows someone to monitor those requests and only add those items to the drop-down that a) aren’t pure nonsense, and b) are truly worthwhile options to add.