A no-code tool for turning your Airtable base into a website or web app

Hey everyone!

I recently launched a tool for creating websites / web apps without coding using Airtable. We have templates for building sites:

  • A discovery site like Product Hunt
  • A job board like Indeed
  • A service marketplace like Fiverr
  • A gallery like Instagram
  • An events site like Meetup
  • A social networking site like LinkedIn

You can create your own site with Airtable for free on Pory.

Looking forward to getting some feedback and suggestions :pray:


Hi there. I checked out this new tool and it seems you are on the right track of something that could be very useful to so many. I played around with the job board using the template provided on your site. However, our need isn’t for other companies to list openings, but our own company open positions.

Is there a way to customize which openings to list β€œlive” on the website? Possibly by adding a checkmark?
Using Airtables rich text formatting options to break down the different sections of the job requirements, description, etc details the rich text is not converted when switched to the website view.
Are templates able to be customized, by adding our own fields?

Thank you for a great project, I see a lot of potential here!