A summary Table from other tables


I have a base that has three tables with exact same structure (same columns). trying to make a new table on the same base that automatically pulls data from the other three tables and just lists/appends the data from each of the tables.

make sense?


Hi Jordan

Have you thought of merging this into one table and using filtered views to give the 3 separate windows on the data?

This would give you more flexibility for reporting and analysing your data and keep maintenance simpler as you wouldn’t have to modify 3 separate tables when you want to change something.



definitely interesting and most likely better organized than what i am doing.

each table is unique to a property manager so its easier for them just to go into their table and edit their properties

love to hear how to use Airtable more efficiently/elegantly


my team has a use case where my manager wants to see all of the team’s lists in 1 summary table, but each individual should only have insight into his/her table. If there’s no way to create a summary table, is there way that users can only see information that they’re linked to (either as owner field or collaborator field?)