A volunteer sign-up grid but for multiple unique days

Hi everyone, I have a use case that I’m hoping someone has done before!
We have 57 buskers that sign up for 1 hour long shifts in 6 different locations.

What I want is a way to have a base in a grid view for ease of them signing up.
Right now I have TIME as the Y axis and the LOCATIONS as X Axis.

All good if I duplicated the BASE each day. But there isn’t staff that can do the technical updating in a timely fashion.

So, I want to embed a view that doesn’t change for everyone can see who is signed up on a daily basis. I want to have the same view so we don’t have to update the new base view each day. I want the Grid, but have the entire grid be just 1 day, which would be the same day as it is. Then the next day. the view shows the same grid but just that day.

So I want the GRID view but able to be updated daily and maintain a similar view in the embed.

Hoping someone has a suggestion! Thanks in advance!