A Wrapper For Airtable - Fetch and Update Airtable Data From Your Website


For those of you that enjoy playing with Airtable’s API, I made a simple page that displays data from your base. Edit any entry and it immediately syncs with your Airtable base. I’m new to this and so am having a lot of fun with it. Hopefully someone will find it useful.

Airtable Wrapper


Hi Ben - Is there a way to deploy this in a WordPress site? I’m a bit of a beginner with API but I’d love to give it a go!! Thanks.


Hey Gareth,

I’ll have to take a look and get back to you! Maybe there’s a quick-and-dirty way to do it.

Have you seen these solutions?



Thanks for your reply Ben - really appreciated.
Yes - I’ve looked at Embedly. As far as I can see the embedded view is just the same (maybe prettier) as the native Airtable link view - ie read-only as far as the data goes.
The Remote Database API I couldn’t make head nor tail of - it requires a bunch of codes which, with the exception of Airtable API code, I don’t know where to go for. Even if I found those, there is no documentation to tell me how to use the plugin.
What I’m looking for is the option to edit data in a specific table view on the website rather than within Airtable. Your solution seems to do that…


I recommend using Airpress and DataTables, however nothing is going to come close to competing with the Airtable interface for data input/editing. However for customized display, it’s quite approachable.