A-Z sort order for numbers

I have a field of dates that are in text form (for purposes of a Zapier automation - Zapier is unable to put entries into Airtable “Date/Time” fields. If I am wrong, please let me know). It is in MM/DD/YYYY format. When we sort the field by A-Z, the MM/DD section sorts properly, but when it gets to YYYY, it is sorting “2020” before “2019”. Why is that, and is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

Hi @Karen_Shim,

You can definitely write a date into Airtable from a Zapier integration. You may be running into an issue if you’re pulling the date from a source where it’s formatted differently than how you have your Airtable date field configured. I’d double check that both the incoming data and the date field have the same configuration.

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