A-Z sorting in primary field


When I sort the first column (primary field - Single Line Text), it moves my newest rows to the top A-Z, and then lists my previous rows A-Z below.

Any idea what would cause this?

Also, it isn’t letting me upload images or links, so remove the space below for a screenshot:
https ://d.pr/i/2X1GLC



Very strange. If I type the same items you have (at least those I can see), they sort properly. Not sure what kind of dark magic is at work, but what you’re seeing is definitely not right. :man_shrugging:



Maybe those have some ghost character at the beginning? How do you entered them, did you copy-pasted from elsewhere?

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I copy-pasted from a text editor which displays invisible items. But following your suggestion, I copied and pasted that whole column into Textmate again. This time I saw that for each of the rows in that column that were not behaving, they were wrapped in quotes?

1Password 7
Alfred 3

So I cleaned that up and now it sorts appropriately. I just don’t know how Airtable wrapped them in newline quotes?? So weird.

Thanks for the help!