Ability for any viewer to create Personal View

Hello! I’m new to Airtable and am loving it so far.

I’m creating a database for online resources, aiming to be shared public, read-only.

But I’d like to know if it’s possible to have anyone create their own Personal Views on it? Mainly for Galleries
Is it doable, or does it require further steps, such as anyone who visits has to become a collaborator?

Hi @Maria_Robertson,

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Basically yes, to be able to have a Personal View you have to be a collaborator on the base.

How will you share it? As the full Base Read Only or a specific View Read Only? If it is the full base, then they can see all the data and change between the Views, if it is only a View then they will be limited to this view only. However, they can use the filters and so on to set up their own “view” temporarily, i.e. it is not a View it is just them looking at the data the way they want without saving what they did as a view (if that makes sense).

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