Ability to change week start day in date picker

When you use a date picker for entering date in date field its always a Sunday as a week start day. Would be great to have ability to change it. Thanks!


Up! We’ve made several mistakes in our form by week starting on Sunday, could you please fix this based on browser local settings?


I confirm that this is a standard feature to let user choose 1st day of week if targetting European clients

Yes that is very important

Any progress here? Just the browser locale is not enough - some of us use a specific locale for the time zone we’re in, or the language, or the currency… we do need however to change some settings from the default. I don’t want to switch the browser locale from the US to somewhere in Europe just for this, obviously it would break other things.


Still waiting for the ability to set Monday as the first day of the week. Any progress?

I’am also waiting for this feature! :slightly_smiling_face:

Another one here waiting for this feature to arrive!

Yes, same for our organization, could really benefit from this!

@Katherine_Duh Can we ask some attention to this topic?

As a user who prefers to start my calendars on Monday
As a user who lives in the US
As a user who does not want to change his browser settings for a single feature to work in Airtable

I want to be able to set the start day of a calendar using a setting in Airtable.