Ability to *create* entity relationship diagrams

There is already this feature request (forum URL plus “/t/request-entity-relationship-diagram/2490”) that asks for a visual representation of the different elements in a base, which would be great BUT also…

I’m trying to ditch my LucidChart subscription so that I can use Airtable for everything, but right now the ability to create ERDs (for content models for content strategy) is the one thing I still need LucidChart (or Visio) for. My job requires very large (e.g. 500k+ pages) site migrations, so not having visual representation of relationships between content types can make projects very difficult for everyone across our team to reason about.

I could see having something like “cardinality” or the more colloquial “crow’s foot notation” in column B to show the relationships between the content types listed in columns A and C. The visual presentation could come up in a block on the right-side panel. This is different from the above request, which shows the actual relationships between rows/items added to AirTable, whereas I want to be able to arbitrarily create this visualization and house it within a base with all my other project assets.

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