Ability to create folders and subfolders within a workspace


Some of my teams are going to be getting to the point of having 50+ bases soon.

Please can we make folders and subfolders within a team so that I can get them organised?

Making of folders and subfolders
Subspaces - a better way to organize your bases
Need Folder & True List Views for Bases

+1 for this @Airtable_Team

… it’s gonna get very messy :wink:


This is a must have for me.


Oh dear sweet sassy molassy PLEASE add this. +1!


+1 ! This feature is long overdue for us.

The ability to set access permissions per folder/subfolder would be a bonus!

Another approach to creating these granular permissions would be to create a new overarching Company Account (a hierarchical parent to the current “team” account, as we know it), wherein admins could manage billing and the active user list. A Company Account would have multiple “Teams” (as they already exist now) nested within. These Teams would function exactly as they do now – every team has specific users, each with their own set of access permissions for the bases nested within that particular team.

To illustrate…



[Folder] Reports
[Folder] Payroll
[Folder] Archived Bases

Base A | Vendor Receipts
Base B | Expense Reports




+1 on adding folders and sub-folders. :slight_smile:


YES! I second/third/fifteenth this.


I’ma keep things alive with another +1… so I third/fourth/sixteenth this!


This is so desperately needed!! We have 10 Pro users in our business Workspace with all their own bases, managing them is an absolute nightmare without folders!

Please please please add this!!!


YES! This needs to happen! I can already tell we’re going to be overwhelmed.


Please please add organizational folders!


definitely need this feature for my OCD personality… We need to create archive folders for tables that aren’t needed anymore but need to keep for compliance reasons…


@Airtable_Team, I would also really love this functionality ! :slight_smile:




Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeed! :smiley:


This one is pretty big for us. We love Airtable, but we have no way of creating a base that can only be accessed by a smaller number of team members (without manually redoing permissions on the dozens of bases that we already have in place.) We would love to have sub-folders AND the ability to determine who has access to those subfolders.

As it stands, we must set up separate free workspaces in order to set up bases for people who already have paid accounts. The problem is that we lose the pro features that we need.

Is this a high priority for the team?


I agree with this - would totally approve of this feature! This would also help justify upgrading to a paid account.


+1 on Workspace folders (to group bases by department and set access permissions) and subfolders (for sanity and organization)


The tag line for your product is “looks like a spreadsheet, acts like a database”. That being the case, please consider that many people/companies will in fact want to replace most of their spreadsheet use with it! Which in turn expands your marketplace exponentially.

BUT, in order to do that, you need to give us a folder hierarchy with simple detail views to manage the hundreds or thousands of bases we will have. Right now the huge icons in list view are IMHO rather silly if you want companies of any size (who will quickly have hundreds or thousands of bases) to be using this.

Thanks for considering.


Hi there

When you have a workspace with a team you end up with lots of bases and there is no way to organize them into subspaces or folders.

Would be nice.