Ability to create folders and subfolders within a workspace

Can any one help me with an isse where i want to make folders and subfolders within a team so that I can get them organised?

Check this:

I also have this problem. It is becoming cumbersome to organize bases in a logical way beyond a naming convention in the title. For example, I have bases that are dashboard oriented project management workflows, bases for managing progress on specific projects and bases for tracking and logging. Especially when a project base is completed, there is no way to archive it or put it into a place that doesn’t distract from the “active bases.” This creates a disincentive to use Airtable for workflows that are not just large and unending. Folders at the workspace level would be a simple but powerful feature. Look at simple tools like Lucidchart for inspiration.

Also, it seems this is a popular request but I don’t see any input form the Airtable team. Just a long list of requests that have gone unanswered.

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I have a base of “Inventory Report” that i need to do monthly,
Will not make sense to have them just like that - we need a way to organize the inventory reports into a folder.

Same we have many weekly/monthly reports that we would like to have in a uniqe base.

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+1 Folders and the ability to give permissions per folder is critical .

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Yes, we need this feature!

Not having a way to organize 5 - 10 bases is fine and all but having 15+ bases to organize can be a bit tricky without a folder system.


Much needed as well as archiving bases!

Yes +1. Just simply adding folders to workspaces would be a huge improvement.

adding my upvote. we have multiple clients and multiple bases per clients. it makes no sense we can’t group these together. it’s so hard to find, esp with so many similar colors.