Ability to display Linked Record fields as a list or dropdown in Forms

I love the ability to display Single-select and Multi-select fields as either a list or dropdown in forms, as it provides a much better visual indication of the options and just a better UX for survey respondents. However, this cannot yet be done for Linked Record fields, which makes their usage awkward in surveys (the options aren’t as discoverable and for a survey question that allows multiple-selection, a user has to manually click the “+ Add” button each time and select their choices vs. being able to select from a list all at once).

Single-select field as a list

How multiple-selection looks for a Linked Record field…

I just want this same option for Linked Record fields…



I’ve recommended the same as a feature as well. I use other tables to populate drop-downs in order to manage those list far more simply. I can provide an “active” checkbox, add new options, and the list only shows those items that are currently active - while formerly active options are still present in the database.

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