Ability to hide Field Description in shared views

Hi there,

It would be great to have a toggle for show/hide field descriptions when creating a (view only) shared view through a link. I often add notes in the field description about what table the field links to, how I’m using the field, an explanation of the formula I wrote, and/or other base ‘administration’ details. When I am sharing a view with a colleague, I want them to be able to view the data in the base (the field name is usually explanatory enough for this purpose), but keep my field descriptions to myself. Adding this feature would be really great and would help make the shared views look more polished and professional.

Anyone else running into this concern?



I’d like this as well! I have descriptions of the fields that help the account managers when they’re in Airtable – but we embed these views on a client-facing dashboard, so the client can see the descriptions intended for the account managers.