Ability to lock fields


Unless Im missing it, I would like the ability to lock changes to fields in a base and/or records. Would help prevent accidental deletion. I discovered several days later I had done this…



Thanks for the feedback! It’s clear to us that our users want more granularity when it comes to controlling the permission levels per field. Including a locked field function is something many of our users have suggested, and it might fit into a more general overhaul of permissioning.

Would you want the ability to lock changes to be just to prevent accidental deletion? Are there any other purposes for which you would lock a field?

When you describe the ability to “lock changes,” can you describe more clearly how you would like the mechanics of that to work? Would you want a button that you can just click in the header of the column? Some setting in the field configuration menu? Would you want it to be password-locked? Something else?



Well I’m sure every person has their own definitions and the options could go on. However, those would certainly take time and expense. My thought as a broad and simple option is to have maybe a page button for either lock/unlock to prevent accidental changes. Especially on the many “open screen” devices widely used. Now, if u are merely wanting ideas and/or suggestions I could go on. Lol. Thank you for your response!



seems almost similar to the query / request in:



I also deleted by mistake some records and would like to see some level of record protection as well. I have some records which I share with the others but I don’t want them to be changed. For discussion only, not sure if a field type with 4 attributes would be overkill:
N=no access;
R=Read only and no delete;
W=Read and write but no delete ;
F=Full access, read ,write and delete.

Base owner sets the default attribute.



I would also like the ability to lock fields so they cannot be moved around in a view. Two of our tables share views, and cells are copied and pasted between each. Everyone has access to everything, which becomes a problem when someone accidentally or purposefully moves the fields in one of the views, causing our system to break and wasting time trying to figure out how to get the two tables’ views to match field order again. Thanks.



Would also love to see this feature implemented. I set up different views for us to track data & ensure goals are met but often times these get accidentally changed by one of the collaborators on the database and it ruins the usefulness of the specific view. I think a simple lock feature would be incredibly helpful whether that is a permission tool or a prompt/warning to unlock if needed.

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+1 for password locking or a field permission for even reading.

Use case: Candidate contact details, Notes on a client, Prevent accidental sharing.

Thank you



I also would dearly like to see this feature implemented! We use airtable to keep track of study participants in a research study, and accidentally deleting phone number or their unique ID happens. We want to prevent data entry operators from this.



+1 for the fields locking feature.
I have found a way to provide some locking and limit the modification of reference tables in a base

The use case:
see: example base
In the table, Furniture you have a linked field “Vendor” which refers to a unique record in the “Vendors” table. By default, when the vendor is set, if a user clicks back in the cell the corresponding vendor form is displayed and can be edited.
If you want to restrict the modification of (reference) vendor information you can do the following:

  • In the “Main View” of the Customers table add formula fields which contains the values of the fields you want to display and hide all other the editable fields
  • Create a “Edition” view (private if you have a payed suscription) with no hidden fields

By default when you go back to a Furniture record and click on the “Vendor” cell the form is using the “Main View” layout and only displays not editable information

This does not prevent fools from displaying the hidden fields and mess around but it does provide a (first-level) fool proof mechanism




+1 for the ability to lock fields or particular records. That would be a life-saver in many regards. Something like a little lock button in each expanded record view?



In my opinion, at a minimum, I would like to be able to lock a base after
modifications for security issues. And as I stated before, with so
many"open faced" devices, it would be pleasing to know ur changes were
saved before your cat or child touched the screen. Lol

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+1 +1 +1 for this feature. We are using our table operationally, and tightening up controls would help.

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+1 for this feature. Essential for avoiding accidental deletions. Useful if it could be set per user I.e. Person A with edit access can change this field, but person B with edit access can’t.




My base has neighborhood information. The Lot Number, Address, etc. never change and must not be edited. Other fields such as Rented?, ForSale?, etc., are meant to be changed. None of the records should be deleted.



I’d also like to see locks for specific columns esp when collecting data via forms. The data provided on a customer feedback form should not be able to be modified.

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I’d also like this

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+1 for being able to lock certain feilds in a table

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+1 this is absolutely necessary

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We generate orders from a parts/price list in Airtable - prices change and we would like to be able to change them without it consequently changing the prices of previously generated orders and quotes.