Ability to lock fields


This is needed. Also one would like to be able to modify permissions for tables and fields. For example a password field which only an administrator can see. Permissions could be structured on a “group” level or overriden for specific people or scenarios.

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I would like to see this feature as well

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I would love to be able to lock some fields as well ! So that my employees would be able to modify and use my template without changing the multiple select possibilities of my field.


Even when I use the database myself, I occasionally find me entering a value that is not in the list. The field will accept it obviously as a new value. I don’t want that. I would either like to see a message that this value is not in the list, or even better: having the ability to lock the values.


+1 vote from me. We also have a set price guide that should not have any changes made to it. I am new to AirTable and loving it. I understand you can’t lock a record. Can a full table be locked?

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Our use case is we have a huge list of Thing A with counts and a bunch of manually-created categories, and a second table of Thing A we use to paste in updated counts (because that’s the only data being updated and we don’t want to disturb all the other fields, especially our hard-won categories). When we paste in the list of current Thing A’s and their counts to the update table, any new unique Thing A’s transfer over to our main table, and the new counts transfer as well. That’s good! But this week someone got confused, and pasted the new Thing A’s directly into the main table, and since they were in a different order, they wiped out the connection between the Thing A’s and their proper categories. So basically we would like for the Thing A field in our main table to be open to the creation of new rows of data, but locked to overwriting of existing rows. Even better would be if this were variable by person or role.


Yes we need this it is already a issue for us.


Exactly – infinite use cases for this. I’m tracking submissions, by person and company. After a submission has been made – I need it saved forever. If a person changes companies, or if a company changes through Acquisition or merger – I need to be able to update my tables without it changing the Submissions records.


+1 for this as well.

We collaborate across multiple teams/departments and I would love the ability to lock down Single/Multiple selects so other users are not allowed to add more Options and only use the available selects.


+1 again, accidental deletions are a real problem for our team. I’d like to be able to lock to prevent accidental deletion and make sure additions and edits are purposeful. For a given field, I’d like to set “lock” that requires a simple “unlock” button to edit.


we need this and YOU (airtable) need this . How can i trust mission critical data when accidental deletion is so easy?

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This is so important. The single most important for advanced iterations with sensitive data from our company.


Agreed- major need for this in our organization too

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Hi Katherine! Are there any updates regarding the creation and or release of this feature? It would be very helpful for our team to have this capability. Thanks!


We have just started using airtable and love it! But as well as agreeing with the requests above we have another use case. I would like to be able to choose to ‘lock’ individual entries in a particular field, ideally with a ‘two-step’ action required to change it (so a popup asks if you are sure)

We have an entry in our table that defines if a record can be seen by our customers of not. I’d like to make that one harder to change so that we can be more confident that data that is only required internally stays internal.


+1111111 for this.

We log time entries for tickets. Once a ticket has been invoiced to the client no more time entries must be made to this specific record.


any update on this matter?


How is this not already implemented? I have only been using this for a few days and already have accidentally deleted critical information on my first sheet. I, fortunately was able to go back and undo, but when I share this base, it is going to be CHAOS.

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+1 this feature is really needed!

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@Katherine_Duh We love the new lockable views that we use as triggers for Zaps / automation. The next logical thing for us would be to have lockable columns for other views which store the data that comes out of a Zap or other automation. For example, a single select column that shows the status of an order. Where automation manages the status of that order, you’d want to lock that column.