Ability to lock fields


Hi Katherine-

I have one very specific way that I think could help a lot of people and doesn’t seem like it would be too hard on your end. The ability to lock a “linked record” so additions cant be made to the list by free type. For example, we use a database for pricing, when a printing material is selected as a linked record, a square ft price populates to price out a sign. However, because there’s no way to “Lock” the linked record column someone could potentially free type a material, which then would auto populate the sq.ft.price with $0 and not price out the item. If we could make it so they can only select one of the linked record options, then the only way to add to the linked records is to go to that tab, that would be very helpful in our case. See below. So if you added an option such as “Lock this column. Records may only be added from the tab this is linked to” or something much better worded, would be great. P.S. I checked and this can NOT be done by user, unless they are read only. An editor can click “Add new record” which would add a new item to the column. When a “single select” or “multiple select” an editor can not add to the list, this is how I’d like the “linked records” to work in this case.


Hey @Katherine_Duh I just saw a separate post from you and may be the solution I was looking for but it’s not clear to me. Is this new beta going to do what I requested above? Here’s the link to the other discussion: Limit linked record selection to a view


+5 pts from me. We’re storing Google Drive folder IDs and cannot have them accidentally changed or altered in any way, or it breaks the front-end embedded iframes.


Trying to add more weight behind this Feature Request. We are considering managing content for a chatbot in Airtable, where we need to collaborate with writers on our client’s side, we want them to be able to edit some of the tables in the base while just being able to see other tables without the ability to edit. Or to be able to see/edit some fields while others are hidden for them.

Thank you.


This is the most important function left out of Airtable. If this is a complicated rollout, there should at least be a switch feature which toggles “ON”/ “OFF” for deletions on any particular base. This is the bare minmum to prevent an accidental deletion.

Or a choice to have a TWO step deletion process when it is toggled “ON” ( “you are about to edit/delete this field”, continue?)

Then moving forward

Google sheets has a pretty robust permissions and locking features. Certain field simply can be shut off of from editing by other users. This should be pretty self explanatory.

I have am switching my inventory databasing to Airtable (and moving away from google sheets) but I have had to build in a few redundancies, simply to deal with the accidental deletions issues. +10 for this feature!


Agree, this is especially key if you want to be able to control the vocabulary of a cell!


Definetely needed to lock data from erasing them,or at least there must be a notification about erasing something! Otherwise great functions


+1 for locking records / permissions by records!!


+1 This will be a deciding factor as to whether my team uses AirTable or not. Please can we have an update on this :smiley: ?


For us, it’s definitely the price list use case that FGE_Staff mentions above. If we update our pricing table, we don’t want that to update previous quotes. We’d like to be able to “freeze” a record so it can’t change without a warning.

The idea of versioning maybe fits in with this. Eg. a frozen record would link to a specific version of its linked fields. If they change, that’s fine - but the frozen record stays pointing at a particular version.