Ability to lock fields

Have we heard anything on this feature? This is becoming a problem point for us.

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Yes, please add this ability. It is very easy to accidentally edit the wrong cell (especially when a view is set to automatically sort or group). Once it gets accidentally edited it becomes very difficult to find and correct the mistake.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to lock on a per field basis.

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I would appreciate an additional permission level so that as administrator I can give people the ability to add and edit data, but to prevent people from deleting a record. That is the biggest risk with our use of Airtable - someone accidentally deleting an entire record.

The ability to lock fields the way I can in Excel would also be a huge security help.


Any updates on this?

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I would like to track starting pay, but not share that with all collaborators. Have a field “starting pay” that can only be turned on with a password or by certain collaborators.

This issue is almost 3 years old and not solved yet.
It seems almost certain that this feature won’t be added in a near future?


Hi there - just a point on this - I think it’s really useful when fields are to be used by API only - would be great to lock these just to keep things secure and make sure systems are robust.


Another vote for this! I want some – especially new! – base collaborators to have some table editing permissions but not total. And to prevent myself even from changing some fields without entering a password or confirming the change.


3 years now we have been asking and nothing? Locking Field option? Disable record delete? Something? :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Field permissions are in beta now…I am using PRO and am testing…clutch feature, opens collaborative use possibilities up drastically. THANKS!

Im using pro and don’t see anything on field permissions…

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In my case, I’m using Airtable as a database/CMS for an app. For certain tables, If I make a change in airtable it won’t sync with my actual firebase database. So I need to lock fields so Admins, don’t think it will.

Hello, is there any update in this lock field feature? Since we work with the API this would be very important to have data consitency

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Use case : I am the only user of my base. I have multi-select fields which are very sensitive (linked to external APIs) and I want to lock myself from accidentally creating new options while creating/editing records (which happens way too often…).

Expected functionality : In the “Customize field type” section of the column header, I expect to see a switch ON/OFF called “Block creation of new options when editing records”. Not asking for granularity among users : I just want to make sure the available options can only be edited from the “Customize field type” section.

Actually, if that option is / becomes available, I would use it for most of my Single-select fields, since in my opinion such fields are often meant to be used in formulas and should not be messed with. I do consider that option should be a default, and the switch should be labelled “Allow the creation of new option while editing records”. But that is obviously just a personal opinion ! Whichever way, as long as the switch exists :slight_smile:

Thanks for any feedback (does this option already exist in a way ?) and listening to community requests !

I need a way to keep records from accidently being deleted. It’s frustrating that even with the pro plan I can only see deleted records for the last 7 days. I have had a few records disappear and there is no way to look for them if you don’t realize until after a week, and there is nothing to prevent this from happening. The ability to lock and unlock would add a layer of protection to keep things from being deleted accidently.