Ability to lock fields

Have we heard anything on this feature? This is becoming a problem point for us.

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Yes, please add this ability. It is very easy to accidentally edit the wrong cell (especially when a view is set to automatically sort or group). Once it gets accidentally edited it becomes very difficult to find and correct the mistake.

It would be extremely helpful to be able to lock on a per field basis.

I would appreciate an additional permission level so that as administrator I can give people the ability to add and edit data, but to prevent people from deleting a record. That is the biggest risk with our use of Airtable - someone accidentally deleting an entire record.

The ability to lock fields the way I can in Excel would also be a huge security help.

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Any updates on this?

I would like to track starting pay, but not share that with all collaborators. Have a field “starting pay” that can only be turned on with a password or by certain collaborators.

This issue is almost 3 years old and not solved yet.
It seems almost certain that this feature won’t be added in a near future?


Hi there - just a point on this - I think it’s really useful when fields are to be used by API only - would be great to lock these just to keep things secure and make sure systems are robust.

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