Ability to View Uploaded files/mass download attachments


I would love to have a place where I can manage all the files that are attached to my base. Similarly, I could then attach the same document/image to multiple records without having to re-upload every time.

Ability to download attachments
Download All Attachments in Particular Field?

Agreed - if there was a view that was a list of all attachments with checkboxes to select what you want to download or zip and download!


My request is similar to this, but slightly different. I would like the ability to batch download attachments from different records in the same table. Basically, I have a table that has several pdfs for each record and I would like to be able to select multiple records and download all the attachments in one go.


I find needing to downloading all of my files from time to time and having the ability to batch download an entire column could help.

With this feature, I can imagine also creating a base strictly for files in which I could download either a column of similar attachment types or a row of attachments for a specific record.


Hi - I would love to see the feature when we download the spreadsheet, that it also downloads the photos/attachments with it. I’ve searched and looks like no one has requested this yet.


Perfect, Thank you. Do you have any idea if there are plans to do this and allow downloading of attachments when downloading a base? I was told at one point that was going to be a future feature. Any updates would be appreciated.


Do you have any idea if there are plans to do this and allow downloading of attachments when downloading a base? I was told at one point that was going to be a future feature. Any updates would be appreciated.



in the mean time, just use a bulk image downloader

Such as extreme picture finder


Airtable just uses amazonS3 + Amazon EC2 technology for uploads on their subdomain (dl.airtable.com)

I will post a how -to-guide to do this later in “Share and Showcase” when I have time


Can you just copy and paste the attachment column cell contents from an exported csv into that software?

Is there an update from Airtable on this feature being built in?



That does not keep the photo with the cell though does it? It just downloads all the files separately. I’d like a thumbnail of the entire photo in the cell.


yes, i totally agree. i ran into the same problem today.


if you send all rows with images to yourself as an email, and let the html images load, you can then copy and paste the entire email into excel including the thumbnails.

I would still love to see a bulk download feature of all the images.


Just discovered a pretty handy Google Chome Extension! It just saved me HOURS of downloading a ton of audio files. However, I did have to briefly play them for the extension to pick it up. But that, combined with a bulk renamer (link below), I am a happy camper!!



Would love to see a native capacity to do this.

The bulk media downloaders don’t seem to recognize the *.stl file type that I am using. There may be some settings that I could tweak, but I don’t have time to futz around with them. I ended up exporting as csv, opening the spreadsheet, copying the urls and pasting them into a Chrome extension called “Open Multiple Urls”. This extension searches through the pasted text to find valid urls and opens them. I really like the filter feature. Then the urls that were file links auto-downloaded.


The workaround I use is using wget. It takes a little work but if you download CSV which contains the download URLs, you can write a BASH/BAT file to download from a listing. Doesn’t make since if you have 20 files, but makes a ton of sense if you have 200 files.

Export to CSV; break up columns if have multiple files, unpivot, write a command line, use wget.


Another thing that would be helpful, is the ability to create a base by uploading a bunch of files. For example, I have the need right now to create a record for about 50 images. I’d like to just upload all 50 images and it create 50 separate records but there is no way to do this. I have to go in and add each attachment to each record which will take so much longer.


If you click and drag a selection of files into an Airtable while in a gallery view, then drop the dragged files onto the add new record button, you can create a new record for each file you’ve dragged in. Dragging the files onto the new record button brings up a dialog asking if you’d like to create one record with multiple attachments, or multiple records with a single attachment each. The newly created record(s) will automatically get named after the file attachments. You can read more in the Power User Guide here, under the section called “Mass uploading attachments with gallery view.”


Yes! Thank you for this!


You can create new records in bulk by uploading multiple images in the Gallery View. Each new record will be named with the file name of the attachment.


This just downloads low res files. Pretty useless as a long term solution unfortunately.