Ability to work at a lower permission level

For many of the Airtable bases I work in, I am both an admin (Creator or Owner) and a normal user (Editor). It would be very helpful to be able to quickly change my permission level within a given session to be a level lower than the one I’m assigned to in a given base (and even have that choice persist across sessions). I can’t count the number of times I’ve accidentally added a value to a single- or multi-select field list, or made other unintentional creator-level changes while editing data in a base, and usually doing undo doesn’t actually undo the structural changes, just the data changes. This seems like a very easy feature to add and would be a big help to all of the casual creator/editors out there! The alternative is to have multiple logins, which adds cost and complexity. Thanks!

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Interesting - maybe this could also be thought of as feedback about the UI being susceptible to unintentional changes.

@Dustin_Frazier would table related permissions help?

Not really. Tab permissions only control who can edit or delete records, and field permissions only control who can edit a given field value. The kinds of accidental changes I’m talking about are things like typing the first few letters of a multi-select field, then hitting return and not realizing you didn’t pick the matching value, so a random two- or three-letter value gets added to the list of possible values for that field. Pressing ⌘-Z to undo at that point will undo the change to the value of the field, but it doesn’t undo the change to the schema for that field.