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I am using the Airtable’s Supported timezones for SET_TIMEZONE and I am getting an incorrect calculation.
I have sessions scheduled in my table for Adelaide, Australia ACST time and have added in the a calculation (ScottWorld’s formula) so it shows my local time of Sydney, Australia, which is 30 minutes difference. However my table is showing a 1 hour difference instead of the correct 30 minutes difference.
How do I fix this so it is showing the correct time difference?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason, I have looked at all of those articles and unfortunately they don’t answer my question.

I am using Airtables supported timezones which seem to be calculating correctly for all time zones but Australia/Adelaide. It is showing as 9 hour off set from GMT time in Airtable but should be 9.30 hours off set from GMT time.

How do I fix this?