Access Automation via API

Does anyone know if it’s possible to access a list of a bases Automations (and corresponding steps) via Airtable API?

If not now - does anyone know if it’s on their roadmap?

Desperate for it :pleading_face:

No, this is not part of the API. I highly doubt that it is on their roadmap. What are you trying to accomplish? For advanced automations, most people use Zapier or

I want to better catalog and audit current automations within a workspace.

Automations created by a large team can get unruly and chaotic.

Accessing all automations across a workspace via API would be a game changer in terms of having better transparency and insight into the automations currently running.

Does that make sense?

I highly doubt that this will come anytime soon to Airtable, and there are also tons of other limitations with Airtable’s automations as well.

Just to name a few:

Limit of 25 automations per base, limit of 25 steps per automation, no ability to control error notification emails, no ability to prevent people from editing/deleting/changing/disabling/enabling automations, no ability to assign automations to certain users or groups, no ability to search through automations/runs/errors, no ability to copy/paste automations or automation steps, no ability to export/import automations, no ability to backup/archive automations, no ability to hide sensitive information (such as API keys) in automations or automation scripts, and so many more limitations.

Airtable is not a professional automation tool, so I wouldn’t recommend using Airtable for documenting or auditing or cataloging automations.

If you want to take a truly professional approach to automations have tons of other, I would look into Zapier or for this. Personally, I prefer Make over Zapier because Make is more powerful & less expensive than Zapier — and Make also has the blueprinting tools that you’re looking for — but it’s also very difficult for many people to learn. Zapier is the easier & more basic platform.

Thanks for all the help! I definitely already use both Make and Zapier (and a few others) but was hoping for a bit better control over native Airtable automations.

Sad to hear there are so many shortcomings!

Catalog them manually is your only choice [today]. Since you can’t have more than 25 anyway, an API really doesn’t help much, but I agree, it would be nice. Airtable is not known for anticipating API needs that involve internal processes and resources, so this is likely not on their radar.

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