Access customization in a single base or Links between different bases alternatives

Hi all,

I have one table in a base that I would like specific persons (not necessarily collaborators, but Airtable users) to be able to view (and ideally edit), without granting them any access to the rest of the base. I understand that this is not possible as collaborators have access to the whole base and not parts of it. Let’s call this table “Tasks”. I would like specific employees to be able to see, for example, what tasks they have been assigned, their deadlines and so on, without giving them access to other tables within the base nor all of the linked records in the “Tasks” table, which might contain confidential information.

I thought of creating a different base that would be automatically populated only by the said table (“Tasks”) but again linking between bases is not supported (I will have to copy/paste records, which is not quite the idea for what I’m trying to achieve here).

Any ideas on how to get around this?

Thank you!

Not possible within Airtable. But, you could use an app like Stacker to do this, which is designed to do exactly what you’ve described.

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True, Stacker seems to be doing exactly that, with the downside of the extra cost, that is.