Access to forms on mobile device


Currently, it does not appear I can directly access forms on a mobile device. If I have the share link, I can access the actual form to do data entry. However, if I don’t have the share link handy, there’s no obvious way to access the form or even the share link. So, the simplest solution would appear to be: If selecting a view that’s a form, (while editing isn’t allowed) allow the user to get to the live form (for data entry) or at least provide the share link in the error message. Please connect the dots here.


It is very annoying indeed.

If you use Android, you can open the 3dot menu and click “Request desktop site” which will take you to the full Airtable website.

I’m sure there’s something similar for Safari on iOS.


I distribute the link to the form to my volunteers to enter their hours and data with their browsers. Although the format conforms to the phone screen, the keyboard (Android) pops up on every pulldown question and has to be dismissed (perhaps this is an Android issue?) making data entry tedious. The phone app should offer a way to use the form within the Airtable app, ideally.


We also need Form-only views on the iOS app:

We want the enhanced capabilities the native app offers (better keyboards, barcode scanning, photo taking, easy access for daily routine) in the Form view for this scenario: We want to have a Table that HQ can access, but have our employees in the field use the native app on their company iPhones to see only the Form that matches that table; they will scan barcodes, answer a couple questions and submit – dozens of times per day. But they should not have access to the Table.

We can get most of the way there with shared Form links, but the advanced input capabilities are missing in the mobile web browser.

The Table view in the iOS app has a “+” button that actually shows the exact form we want them to use, but has no way to show ONLY the form for those users.

As a line-of-business, full-stack software engineer for the last 15 years, my gut intuition is that having most of the elements in place, you are a stone’s-throw from “connecting the dots” to make this capability a reality, if you just decide to include it in the next couple sprints.


just wondering if you’re planning on adding forms to Android app?
I want to simplify inputting data from the app.
Please let me know
Thanks :slight_smile: