Account Reports

We are trying to offer to account for our trucking company clients (small carriers 1-5 trucks).

It does not make sense for this segment of the industry to use programs that will give mileage cost and percent breakdowns like this and traditional account systems you have to hack to the results are ugly.

I can get everything needed into airtable but struggling with how to generate reports like this sample P&L.

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Not sure how to attach a sample of what I am looking to do. Button to upload images but then told that I can’t add images to post

Use Imgur and copy the link to load the picture. New members aren’t able to upload pictures yet. I might have a P&L workspace you could use

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Thanks for the help but will not allow me to included links as well.

I guess I need to be a paying member for over a year to not be considered new.

Maybe if I signed up 1000 new users rather than only 500 that would help as well.

It’s based on forum activity, not payment. As you become more active in the community, the system will automatically start opening up other features for you to use. Certain things like image attachments and links are likely kept on lockdown for new users to reduce spam.