Account Switching


It would be great to have quick and easy switching between accounts, as google has, for Airtable. Right now I work for more than one organization. I have brought Airtable into these organizations but it is cumbersome for me to switch between accounts.

Thank you!


Multiple accounts on the app
Multiple account logins on same computer

This feature is so needed right now!


+1 for this feature. I have multiple organizations that use airtable and the task of logging out/logging in is laborious!


+1 I agree this would be very useful for me.


It would be nice if we could use more than one account on the app, as in Twitter for instance.


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I use Airtable for work and sign in with my work email address. I also use Airtable for personal use and sign in with my own email address. Unless I’m missing something, I have to login/out each time I want to switch between accounts. It would be great if there was support for multiple logins, similar to Google accounts.


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Exactly the same question here. Hope they can add this soon.


This would be especially nice on the iPhone app. I have different computers for work and home, but I want to be able to access both Airtable accounts from my phone.


PUH-LEASE! I so need this feature.


Bumping this post up. Definitely needed. I’ve only just started Airtable as of a week ago and already from my experience, this is a critical feature that needs to be included


Yes. Account switching like Google is a perfectly appropriate feature that only adds value—no downsides! As soon as this can be done, fantastic!


Absolutely required nowadays! But I’d rather have both concurrently in the same view instead of switching accounts (like Chrome).

I like quick access to all workspaces from the same page. 1 workspace for work, 1(+) for personal projects