Account Switching

+1 to this as well! I made my own post about this yesterday but just found this too!

+8347384 !!

This is a basic requirement today, please implement asap!

I have Airtable accounts for two organisations, AND my personal Airtable! That’s three accounts!

A viable work-around (desktop only) that I have been using is Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers, an official addon that allows to keep different sessions in tabs under the same window. There’s apparently an alternative for Chrome called SessionBox, but I haven’t used it.

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I’m giving this a +1 for sure!

PLEASE!!! This is so needed and logging in and out is a total pain.

3 years of activity on this topic without any official input, kind of disappointing. Right now I’ve been keeping different browsers logged into my different airtable accounts in order to work around this, but it’s a huge pain.


Thanks, that’s a plus!

+1! Need this feature!

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More than 3 years already?!

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Yes! Please add a way to switch between accounts!

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Please!! Big time saver!

+1, yes please. thanks!

Definitely needed! +1

This is a great suggestion and would be a massive time saver. Please implement!

Please, make this a priority! I use AT for two different companies and for personal use.

+1 on this feature. I have two organizations I’ve brought Airtable into and switching is a royal pain.

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3 years! C’mon airtable… We know you can do this


Agreed. I have two work accounts and personal account where I have to log out and back in each time I need to make updates. Over the course of a work day, I might be logging out/in over a dozen times!

The (imo useful) tip I got from support was to use an extra “guest account” in Chrome to put 2 account next to each other.

Why hasn’t this happened yet?

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