Accounting System filtering


I have an accounting system base using the double-entry bookkeeping method. The user does not have to be concerned about debits or credits because the base is designed to deal with it behind the scenes. For example, to increase an account balance, enter a positive amount in the transaction line item junction table (called Ledger table), and visa-versa (the transaction table is called Journal). The base includes various analysis reports, charts, graphs, reconciliation views, aged reports to show what’s overdue, accrual accounting, funds, multiple currencies, job costing, financials, etc. (Airtable Blocks available in the Pro version features Pivot Tables, and Charts, etc. are really useful!).

I’m trying to filter on two accounts, grouped by aging category, where the transactions are not cleared (i.e., are outstanding). The last filter added (see screenshot) in the Filter dialogue box does not allow me to change the OR to an AND. I’ve tried various combinations but I don’t get the desired result. I can filter one account only, then do the filter on cleared, but I cannot seem to add more than one account?


Hey Ivan, I may not be understanding you correctly, but it seems like you’re trying to filter on a field that can only include one Account ID at a time. Therefore, it wouldn’t be possible to have two Account IDs (Account ID 1100 AND Account ID 1110) because they are mutually exclusive. That may be why Airtable isn’t allowing it.

Does that make sense or is there something that I’m missing?


Hey Danny. Thank you for your quick reply!

First, I’m trying to get it to show me all records from 1100 OR 1110. It does that fine so far!

But, I want to filter the above found set further by only showing those records where the value in the Cleared field is empty? I attempted to do so by adding a third filter, but it won’t let me change the OR to an AND. For example, give me all records from account 1100 or 1110, and then only when Cleared is empty?


Ah, got it! They’ve actually written about this exact issue and how to work around it in this article.

Take a look and let me know if you still have any questions on how to implement it within your own base :smiley:



I’m looking at using Airtable in the same way, as an accounting system. Would you be interested in sharing a copy of your base (omitting any confidential information/data, of course) that I could explore as a template?

No worries at all if not, just thought I’d ask!


I’d be happy to! I’ll send to you later this evening.


Here is the link allowing you to copy the base. It includes some sample data.


Hi! I would love if you could share this template with me. Thanks in advance!


Gladly! Please Message me your email address so I can share.


Thanks so much!


@Ivan_Carlson . I’m interested in how your design your accounting system. Please! Could you be of help to me? My e-mail address is


I have sent you an invite!


hi ivan!
i am trying too, to use Airtable as an accounting system
would you care to share your base?


My pleasure! Please message me your e-mail address so I can share it with you!


Ivan, looks like you’ve built something that other people like! Can you share with me as well? Thanks


But of course! Please message me your email address so that I can share it with you!


great, thanks. as a new user, it looks like I’ve been limited from sending direct messages. I’ll check in a couple of days and hopefully they’ll have removed the new user limitations.



You might want to consider copying your base with no data, and then adding it to the Airtable Universe community:

It sounds like it may be a hit, and might save you a bit of work sharing to emails.


thank you!!! this is awesome


Hi, is this still available? - cannot get the link to work