Active e-mail, url, & phone numbers in lookup field


When I use a lookup table to reference an e-mail address, url, or phone number in another table, I would like those fields to act as active e-mail addresses, urls & phone numbers when they are displayed in the lookup table. Currently the lookup table formats them as text, so if I want to e-mail a group of people from a particular set of lookup fields, I have to hand copy all of the e-mail addresses. Or, if I want to text someone from a particular lookup field, I have to hand copy the phone number.


What happens if you create a new formula field which just displays the desired lookup field text? This may offer some formatting options or might recognize the specific format.


Formulas won’t recognize emails as emails (clickable action items). Also, Its really inconvenient for users to have to use a separate formula field for what could be many lookup fields.

Ideally, Lookups should either recognize formatting of displayed values, inherit the formatting of the original field from the linked table, or have their own formatting options to let users specify whether displayed values should be clickable emails, phone numbers, urls, etc.