Add 10 minutes onto a 'datetime' field - How?


I’m looking to create a column that adds 10 minutes onto another columns ‘datetime’ field.

I’m assuming I’d do with this with some sort of a formula?

My end goal is to create a ‘zapier trigger’ based on a ‘new record in view’ in airtable. But I don’t want the ‘new record in view’ to display immediately, I want it to wait 10 minutes after the other datetime field has been added (which is the field I’m pulling the datetime from).

So, I need to figure out a way to add 10 minutes on that column, I’d LOVE some help!


I found a workaround by creating a zap that formats the time to add 10 minutes, then it’s delayed 10 minutes and puts that date/time entry (which is delayed 10 minutes) into the new date/time column I’m using for the view.

But…I’d like to know a cleaner way to do it.


Hi. For example, if the first datetime field is called time1, you can have a second column with the custom field type ‘formula’ and the formula as below. You might need to play around with the datetime formats using the “Formatting” tab for the formula. Easiest if both fields are the same format, timezone.


There’s a lot at


You need the field with the later datetime, or you need to wait 10 minutes in Zapier? I don’t get want you want to do in the end :sweat_smile: BTW, you could use the Delay action by Zapier:


You’re all awesome!

Yes, ultimately I’m running several zaps based on a 10 minute delay…I was doing an ass backwards way of making that happen in my brain last night. Both of things helped me think through my process, thanks for being so responsive @Elias_Gomez_Sainz and @Chris_Bouwmeester!

Problem solved!