Add a Condition to Automation

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In the new automations dashboard, is it possible to add a conditional action - one that only runs if a condition is met.

My use case is that I’m trying to create a 2-way sync with a Google calendar. If I create an event in Google Calendar, I want it to first search my base by event ID to see if it already exists. If it does not, then I want it to create a new record. If it does, then I want it to update any fields that have changed in Google.

I may be going about this all wrong. Any suggestions?



Currently there is not a no-code way of having conditional actions in Airtable automations. You can include conditional logic in a Scripting action.

It seems like conditional automations will be coming soon to Airtable, but nobody outside of Airtable staff knows when that will happen.

In the meantime, as @kuovonne said, you can write your own conditional JavaScripts.

For non-coders, my personal favorite way to create conditional automations is to use Integromat. It’s immensely powerful yet very easy to use… it’s just point and click and drag! :slight_smile:

I guess I don’t understand how the Update function works, then. How does it identify which record needs to be updated without first searching for a unique ID?

I can’t figure out how to create 2-way sync either, because if I set up automations to go both directions, it creates a loop that will start duplicating events indefinitely.

The automation was first designed so that the record to be updated was the triggering record.

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Ok, so here’s another use case that I can’t figure out how to do without conditionals. I want to send a daily digest of events occurring that day, but only if there are events occurring that day (I don’t want to send a blank digest). Is there any way to manage that currently? Also, I’d like it to only occur on weekdays.
Thanks for the help!

Scripting or an external automation tool like Integromat.

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To send the email only on weekdays, you can setup the automation to run on a schedule and select your days of the week.

To send the email only if there are events, you have a few choices

  • ask to be included in the beta for conditional logic in automations
  • use my free helper scripts for email automations — no coding knowledge required
  • use a two automation system with an email table. One automation creates a record to be emailed out. The second automation actually sends the email, but only if there is data in the record. Note that this system will not give you the pretty table.

I like that clever 2-automation trick.

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Hey @Joel_Andrews1 - I hope you’re doing well! Wanted to reach out and let you know that as of today, conditional automations are now available in Airtable. You can read more here and I hope this is helpful news :tada:

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