Add a Look Up Field to a Date Field

I cant seem to get this to work…

DATEADD({1st Sow Date},SUM({Min Germ Days},‘Days’))

{1st Sow Date} is a Date field with Manually entered Data and {Min Germ Days} is a lookup field from another table.
The output is the same as the date of {1st Sow Date}
If I make {Min Germ Days} a Number field and manually enter the data I get the right result.
Eg If I have 10/10/2020 and enter 10 at {Min Germ Days} I get 20/10/2020 (European Date Format)
If I get the 10 from a look Up field I still get 10/10/2020

Thank you in advance and apologies If I should have been able to find this.
Ive looked for hours but cant find it…

Thanks everybody but I stumbled acrross an answer for myself, I changed to lookup field to a rollup field and used sum in the rollup for the agregate and it works fine…
Hope this helps someone else.

Your code has an error - DATEADD() takes 3 parameters, you’re currently only using two. The third paraemter is the time unit, which you currently have in a SUM function (not sure why you’re using that).

If SUM was mistakenly added, then this code will run fine:

DATEADD({1st Sow Date},{Min Germ Days},‘Days’)

Here’s how DATEADD works:

    some date that you'll be operating on,
    the number of time units you'd like to add to that date,
    the time unit type (such as days, months or years)

I’d recommend while working on your code, you write it out with indentations like I have above. It’ll help you understand what you’re writing/avoid errors. Just make sure to take out the indentations etc. before trying to run the code.

Thank you
That was the original code I used but it still wouldn’t work on the lookup field but works fine by making the field a rollup.

That is the code I am now using.

Love the way you layed out how the formula works… That has made it easier to. Understand.

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