Add a new record at the top of base


On the Android app (not desktop), I can’t seem to find a way to add a new record at the top of the database. The only method I can currently think of is adding it to the bottom and then dragging it to the top, this is arduous if not annoying. Is there a way to do it that I’m missing?


Why you want to to that? I think you could add a Created field, and then Sort by that.


As explained previously by @Elias_Gomez_Sainz, the only way to do that is by sorting your records by creation date via a Created time field.

Simply add the Created time field to your table. Under ‘Sort’, click ‘Add a sort’ and then under ‘field’ select your Created field. If you want to see your last created record on top, don’t forget to set your sort to ‘from 9 -> 1’

It is also important to note that your table won’t automatically sort your records, you will have to ask it manually.
This lack of automation has been previously mentioned by the community here :