Add a non-anonymous form option

It should be possible to make a form that requires authentification in order to make sure that “Created by” is populated with the appropriate Airtable user when the form is submitted.

The question was posted here but it does not seem that this is currently possible.

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You can’t do this yet in Airtable (and they might never add this feature), but you can do something very similar to this with’s portal tool.

I would also recommend emailing with this feature request.

I figured you cannot do this currently and thus why I posted this message in the Product Suggestion section.

From what I am seeing, the MiniExtension plugin let’s you set the user from a custom “user” table, but not authenticate as your Airtable user. This not the feature I am suggesting here. All my users have actual accounts and it’s important for us to know who is adding what, regardless of whether they used a form an embedded widget or the Airtable main interface.

Right, which is why I said “something very similar”.