Add ability to change assignee based on conditions

Currently, I solved this by writing a Python Lambda function in AWS that runs every minute. It checks all records for our “ongoing projects” table. For each record, it checks what the current status is and who the current assignee is. If the assignee is different from the one that should be there, it changes the assignee to the right one.

This allows us to automatically have assignees change based on which phase the project is in. It would be incredible to have ‘if this, then that’ built into some of the column value types.

Is there any possibility of this happening?

EDIT: I can share the code if anyone comes across this and is wanting to do the same thing.

Hi @Jordan_Violet - yes, was going to ask if you could share your Lambda function (or some generic version of it). Think this general idea could be really useful for custom formulas in the absence of anything directly in Airtable.



@JonathanBowen, I quickly cleaned it up a bit and added it to GitHub, but it’s by no means a production-quality application. Try it out and let me know if you have any issues: github[dotcom]/jtviolet/airtable-auto-asignee

Great! Thanks @Jordan_Violet - will take a look.