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i am new to Airtable and have only understood half of the features yet. As I had to learn, that it is not possible to hide views from specific users, I found the sync feature.

I do have a database with a lot of personal information about people living I a camp. I was trying to find a way to give some of my users (in this case security guys) the ability to put in the date of the last Covid Test of a person. As this does not work in one base (because I can not hide views) I have done a sync to another base of al relevant information.

Is there a way I can let a limited amount of users change information in one or two rows, without letting them see all the rows and letting them change all the rows? Right now I can only see the information in my synced base, but not alter them.

Thx for any hint.

No, locking off records (i.e. rows) from collaborators is not currently possible in Airtable. You would need to use a portal tool like or to handle that.

Hi @Thomas_Giegerich
A simple way to do this would be to give the Security People a form link instead of the entire base (saves you on user counts too)

  1. Set up your People table, with all the details that you need to keep.

  2. Create a new table called Testing Data. In this table we add a column that is Link to Another Record and choose People table. No other look ups.
    Then add a Date field. (Name column is a formula with People as the formula.

  3. In the Testing Data table add a Form view and only put the People and Testing Date in the form. Since the People field in this table is a Link to Another Record, we will be able to get a list of all people.

Here is how the Form will look to the Security Person

  1. Back on our People table we need to add a few more options so that you can see what was sent from the Security Person. When we added the Link to Another Record in step 2 Airtable automatically created a link back in the People table. Lets add a lookup to this and Lookup the Date of Last Test field.

You may notice that if a person gets more than one submit from the form, there are multiple days listed. Lets clean that up to only show us the most recent date.

  1. Add a Roll Up field in People table. Roll up the looked up Dates of Last Test and use the Max(values) formula

    Now we only see the most recent date for that person.

Your People table will look like this

And we can hide anything that we dont need to see:

Moving forward, give the link to your Form to the Security People you can find that by selecting the form and choosing Open Form. People with access to the published Form do not have access to your Airtable base and will not cost you a user license.

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