Add an array of elements in single column/cell

I am new in using Airtable and would like to assign an array of elements (numbers for example) into one of my table’s column. This means each cell of that column should have few numeric values. How can I do that?
In my case these numbers are the settings for other column’s.


Could you provide a little background on what you’re trying to achieve here?


Hi Julian,
I have a one to many relationships between two tables but I need to provide parameters for this relationship.
Imagine you are creating a dish recipe. This recipe uses some ingredients which is some elements of other table. I need another column which provides the quantity of the ingredients. I have implementation of this in JSON using array of numbers. But I can not define array in airtable.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to define an array as a field value. Some types of fields — lookups and rollups under certain circumstances — return arrays, but I’ve never been able to reverse the process. Typically, if I need some sort of array, I build it as a [something]-separated text string, with [something] dependent on the type of data, or — typically for numbers — as a concatenated string fixed-length numeric values. Probably 100+ of my published bases use that technique; one that occurs to me off the top of my head is my routine for sequential numbers that reset daily, if you want to see an example.