Add cc: Option to Email Notifications for Forms


I’m hoping this is the easiest feature request you’ve ever gotten!

All I want is to send form notification emails to other members of my team.

For example: I use a form to collect info so we can book airline reservations for our presenters. I want to notify a team member when a new form comes in so they can book the flight. I don’t want this team member to have edit access – and I think that’s the only current way to get them the notification email (they edit the form and select “email me”).

So in the screenshot below, in addition to the “email me” option, I’d like to see an “email team member” option.


This is a really important feature - any possibility of implementing this SOON? Please??



There have been a few topics about this, but no response/action from Airtable?

Surely it is very easy to add an option to email another address? We need all completed forms to be sent to a ‘support’ or ‘customer service’ mailbox, not an individual employees mailbox.



However, you can partly achieve this with Zapier - triggered by the new records it could email the contents of the email to anywhere…


+1. We require emailing the results of the form to the list of recipients too.