Add `CHANGED_TIME()` formula function


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Currently CREATED_TIME() exists, but not CHANGED_TIME().
I suppose CHANGED_TIME shouldn not be updated when table schema is altered, e.g. when ‘{username} caused a change due to modifying a column’ message is logged in records’ histories.


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See thread here: Date Field AutoUpdate on Last Change/Addition

Unfortunately you’re right that we don’t have an equivalent formula for CHANGED_TIME()


I’m trying to build a full fledged CRM with Airtable.

One of the critical features I need is to be able to update a {Case Closed} field with a Date/Time/Stamp when the value in the {Case Status} field is changed to “Closed”.

Then the need to be able to calculate in hours/days the time from Case opening to Case closure.

Is this doable in the current version?


Could you have a Case Closed Date column and enter it manually?


for sure, I’d just like to make it occur programmatically if I were to roll this out to a services team


If you are using the api then you can still do it programmatically, but I definitely see why you would want a modified date if you are having your team work directly with the tables.


I want the agents using a custom form to work a Case, when the field “Status” is changed to Closed or Hold, then I want the Case Closed or Case On Hold field updated automatically

enlighten me on how to do this with their API



I’m not an expert either. So here is my attempt at an explanation.

I’ve created html forms that submit to php pages on my server and those pages do curl requests. You could make one of those curl requests POST a new case and the date would be automatic. Then when the case is updated you do a curl request PATCH and change the status column and the “modified date” column you’ve created. Do the same again when they use the html form to close the case.

Inside your base, in the HELP menu, you will find a link to API Docs.


agreed those methods will work, I was attempting to “contain” all forms, functions, triggers, events, etc. within the database, like FileMaker Pro vs. just using their tables to simply store the data posted from other technologies stitched together - which I think is their desired endgame to be “FMPro like” (but I could be wrong)

and thanks!


No, I agree that their should be an auto-updating “modified date” column. I’m just letting you know how to workaround this missing feature.