Add Conditional Logic to Form Views


For now, I’m trying to help prevent myself from choosing incompatible options from columns by naming the options in the column that is conditional on the other with the option it must be associated with from it in the name of each of its options. For example, if “4-radial symmetry” should only be associated with "shape"s instead of "pattern"s, then I rename it to “pattern - 4-radial symmetry”.
It’s not failure proof and gets unwieldy as you nest further and further down. I could really use this feature to solve my problem!


Seriously, I need this for my data entry team!!! Cannot move to airtable without it. Currently using typeform to gsheets.,


+1 :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


+1 for this.

Has there been any movement on this request?


This is very needed! Would be used within 30 seconds of it being implemented for my one project with 10+ forms (Data Collection)



Have to say this is a dealbreaker for us. Most forms will require the use of conditional logic to remain intuitive.


+1 - need conditional logic


Yes, please, please, please!!!


I created an entire form before getting to the point where I found out you don’t have conditional logic on these forms. Bummer for me

Luckily it’s 1 of 8 so I didn’t get too far into the work, but I’d use this for every show I do if the forms had conditional logic abilities. Bummer for you. I hate the Podio interface, but it’s much more customizable and intuitive on the back end. Your UI is great, but the simple features for forms are lacking


+1, we absolutely need conditional logic to use forms.

It would make Airtable substantially more valuable to us if we didn’t have to hack things together using Google Forms / Typeform and could instead rely solely on Airtable.


@Airtable_Support @Airtable_Team

Please let us all know if there has been any progress made adding conditional logic to Airtable forms. We are considering this for our event planning business, but this is a must-have feature for us. Please respond with information on whether this is being worked on or not part of the roadmap at this time. Thanks in advance!


Absolutely agree that conditional is needed.


@Airtable_Admin_TES-A @Airtable_Support this has been a request since 2016. why has it not been added. it is a huge oversight and one that means I will not be purchasing until it gets added. Airtable has lots of amazing features and add ons and can do so much minus one of the most important.