Add Conditional Logic to Form Views


+1 :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


+1 for this.

Has there been any movement on this request?


This is very needed! Would be used within 30 seconds of it being implemented for my one project with 10+ forms (Data Collection)



Have to say this is a dealbreaker for us. Most forms will require the use of conditional logic to remain intuitive.


+1 - need conditional logic


Yes, please, please, please!!!


I created an entire form before getting to the point where I found out you don’t have conditional logic on these forms. Bummer for me

Luckily it’s 1 of 8 so I didn’t get too far into the work, but I’d use this for every show I do if the forms had conditional logic abilities. Bummer for you. I hate the Podio interface, but it’s much more customizable and intuitive on the back end. Your UI is great, but the simple features for forms are lacking


+1, we absolutely need conditional logic to use forms.

It would make Airtable substantially more valuable to us if we didn’t have to hack things together using Google Forms / Typeform and could instead rely solely on Airtable.


Absolutely agree that conditional is needed.


Would love to see this! This has been a part of Google Forms for so long now. If/then statements are extremely valuable!


+1 here as well. Whewe ask people outside our company to provide information, that information needs to be able to be categorized through some conditional questions


I’m working on adding this feature to FormNano, anyone interested in providing requirements and feedback in exchange for early access? Shoot me a message via our contact form.


Adding my vote for this feature, it would be a game changer!


This is a super high-impact feature for our workflow and for our clients – we hope to see this feature soon!


Please consider adding this feature! I’ve been trying to convert my whole team over to AirTable but many folks still prefer using Google because their forms have conditional forms :confused:


Adding to the chorus of voices asking for conditional logic. That would make me much happier with Airtable!


Adding my vote for this asap please as top feature needed!