Add Conditional Logic to Form Views

Need this - been dying to move from Google Forms (and Google Drive) to Airtable!

While we don’t yet support conditional logic in Airtable forms, we have worked together with JotForm and Typeform to create direct integrations from JotForm to Airtable and from Typeform to Airtable. Both JotForm and Typeform support conditional logic in their forms.

I’ve tried the Jotform integration and it does not let you access linked records. The app itself is buggy too. Typeform requires you to sign up for a Pro account, which is 30 bucks a month (59 if you want to remove their branding). I obviously won’t even try that integration.

Airtables forms are way better. You should just add condintional questions.



This should be added natively not through a third party. This has been requested for years. Instead you’re linking to a third party solution that costs more than Airtable Pro.

Please consider it as a native feature.


Hey guys I do agree with all of you here, this is a must, in the mean time I have taken the liberty to forge a form builder to help us with this, I just started coding check out the landing page and do not be shy to share your email I might be in contact with you soon to get some feedback.

It will only work with Airtable, at least at the beginning.


The Typeform/Airtable integration is only available on the “Pro” billed at $35 yearly.
The Jotform/Airtable integration seems to be available on any tier.

“…we don’t yet support conditional logic in Airtable forms…” seems to suggest this feature might be coming in the future…

Hi there, I would love to see this implemented natively as well! I work at a large non-profit and I’m having trouble getting other departments on board using AirTable because they require conditional logic forms (so they prefer to use Google Forms over AirTable). Please please please try to find a way to make this work! I adore AirTable but spending money on another third party app just to make AirTable forms work for my coworkers (when Google does it for free) is out of the question with our nonprofit budget x(( Thank you for everything you do, keep up the good work!

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Conditional Logic - please find a way to provide this in Airtable forms.
My situation exactly the same as Alexis_Balinski_Mote