Add custom URL schemes

The schemes could be use to open a view, a specific record, toggle a check box on a specific record.
This would be great once combined with QR sticker for inventories a red QR code would be scanned to “take out” an item and a different green QR to “return the item”.


Add custom URL schemes on iOS:

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I am also interested in this feature. I want to use AirTable to track inventory using the bar code scanner on mobile devices/tablets. However, I want each scan to initiate an event that creates or updates records. For example: User scans a bar code or QR code resulting in a record search in Airtable. If found, the record is opened for editing. Or better yet, the record is automatically edited right after the scan and presented to the user to confirm the new data.

I agree that it would be a very cool feature if Airtable had more extensive support for QR Codes, barcodes, and searching/updating records based on those codes!

However, in the meantime, you can combine multiple tools from to accomplish either one of these goals (but not both at the exact same time):

  • Automatically updating a single field in a record upon scanning that record’s QR Code. This would be a good way to quickly toggle a checkbox on/off.
  • Searching for a single record and allowing the user to update that one record.
  1. Using the tool Update Airtable Record By Opening a URL, you can automatically generate a custom URL for each record in your table. This custom URL will be used to automatically update each record with a predefined value that you would like to see in a specific field. This field value can be dynamic instead of static, based on a calculated formula, so you could automatically toggle a checkbox on/off upon scanning the URL.

  2. Using the tool Single Record Editor for Airtable, you can automatically generate a custom URL for each record in your table. This custom URL will be used to search for just that one record, and then display that one record in a web browser for your users to manually update that one record.

  3. Using the tool QR Code Generator, you would then turn your URL’s into QR Codes in an attachment field. This tool can also be run on a schedule, so new records can automatically receive new QR Codes.

  4. Using the tool Bulk Download All Attachments from Airtable, you can export all of your QR codes out of your system, so you can do whatever you want with them (for example, print them out). You can also stay within Airtable by using the Page Designer Block to print out all of your QR Codes for all of your records.

Once you’ve got your QR codes printed out, you just scan them with a barcode scanner, and then either #1 or #2 above will happen, based on which QR Code you scanned! :slight_smile:

p.s. If you feel like combining all of these external tools is too complicated for you to setup on your own, and you feel like you need to hire an Airtable consultant to help you with this, feel free to send me a private message.

Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated.

Also found the following article that was informative.

Yes! Maybe that built-in search functionality (2nd half of the article) will be enough for your needs! :slight_smile: